To Construction and Beyond: Lessons Regarding Temporary and Permanent Stormwater Control Measures

Tyler Dell, MA


During this session, attendees will learn about the importance of practices that are used every day to provide effective stormwater management. The session begins with an introduction into temporary best management practices (BMPs) that are used throughout the construction process to protect the environment and infrastructure from excessive sediment pollution. BMPs to be discussed include temporary sediment control, soil stabilization and run-on/run-off control during the construction process. Also included in this webinar is a look at permanent stormwater control measures (SCMs) also known as post-construction BMPs. The session will cover the installation of detention ponds, rain gardens, grass swales and even permanent pavement. Attendees will learn all of the tips and tricks to make sure that your SCM not only survives the construction process but is able to thrive throughout its entire design life.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize the importance of stormwater management during and after construction
  • Identify deficiencies in temporary best management practices (BMPs) and permanent stormwater control measures (SCMs)
  • Promote the correct procedures and strategies for ensuring the proper use of BMPs and SCMs



Tyler Dell is a Research Associate at Colorado State University with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Currently he is focusing on research as it relates to urban stormwater and using green infrastructure and low impact development to mitigate the impacts of urbanization. Tyler is also the Director of the Colorado Stormwater Center where his responsibilities include providing contract research services for municipalities in Colorado, organizing and teaching workshops for stormwater personnel regarding post-construction stormwater best management practices, as well as providing support to Colorado residents regarding stormwater questions they may have.