In-stream Monitoring Water Quality at Construction Projects with Telemetry

Adam Lyman and Dan Strauss, Syman, LLC

This presentation focuses on monitoring water quality during in-water construction projects. Topics include the problem of monitoring water quality continuously during work and distribution of data to the project stake holders, electronic equipment such as probes, dataloggers, batteries, and communications equipment that can be used to monitor and record monitoring data, and the mechanical equipment and tools necessary to accomplish monitoring in active waterways. Several examples of how this equipment has been used to monitor pH and Turbidity from actual monitoring projects are presented. Discussion includes ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and pitfalls to avoid during typical continuous monitoring projects. Examples are from large scale construction site dewatering, bridge maintenance, and full bridge replacement.

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Adam Lyman

Dan Strauss

Co-Presented by Adam Lyman

Adam Lyman is the engineering manager for Syman, LLC with fifteen years of professional experience in stormwater compliance, geotechnical, civil engineering and dewatering. Experience includes primarily transportation, commercial development, and public works projects with an emphasis in stormwater and non-stormwater discharge compliance from construction and industrial sites. Mr. Lyman also is a certified construction site stormwater instructor for the City of Boise and Idaho Transportation Department.

Co-Presented by Dan Strauss

Dan Strauss is the project management director for Syman, LLC. Dan has been a primary developer of Syman’s water quality monitoring program. Dan has managed erosion control and in-water sediment control projects with Syman for the last three years. He is Water Pollution Control Manager (WPCM) Certified through the Idaho AGC. He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.