IECA Region One Board of Directors Nomination is Now Open!

IECA’s success as an association is due largely to the commitment, energy and expertise of our volunteers including those who serve on the IECA Region One Board of Directors. As we begin the process of identifying potential candidates for the Board, I ask each of you to help determine those IECA members whose extensive industry and volunteer experience, as well as outstanding leadership skills, would serve to enhance the IECA Board and our association.

Serving on the IECA Board is both challenging and rewarding. It requires a significant commitment; however, it is one of the most exceptional learning and rewarding experiences a member can have. The Board’s primary objective is to serve the IECA membership and to keep our organization moving forward. As such, the IECA Region One Board of Directors requires candidates who are recognized as excellent leaders with significant industry knowledge and an ability to think strategically.

Please take a moment to consider peers and colleagues whom are members of IECA that you would recommend join the volunteer board of directors. Think about their leadership contributions and their participation in IECA both at the national and chapter level and nominate colleagues who will help the association and industry grow. Through your nominations, we can continue the tradition of leadership that has helped position IECA as the top association in the erosion and sediment control and storm water management industry.

Remember… you may nominate yourself!

We look forward to receiving your nomination to the IECA 2019 Region One Board of Directors no later than close of business, Wednesday, July 25, 2018. Once all the nominations are in, we will begin the process of evaluating and selecting final candidates, based on the eligibility requirements described below for approval of the full membership. 

Region One Board of Directors Call Responsibilities and Requirements

The ultimate legal responsibility and authority for IECA’s activities and fiscal affairs is invested in the Region One Board of Directors. Therefore, it is the Board’s duty to:

Define IECA’s Mission and Purpose - The Board confirms the mission statement and reviews it periodically for accuracy and validity.
Provide Financial Stewardship for IECA – The Board develops adequate resources to secure the financial health of the association.
Provide Ongoing Evaluations of Organizational and Program Effectiveness – By referencing IECA’s strategic plan, the Board regularly assesses progress in achieving the association’s mission. It evaluates the relevance and success of IECA programs, monitors IECA’s  responsiveness to new situations and appraises the effectiveness of the staff’s and Board’s leadership roles.
Manage Resources Responsibly – The Board remains accountable to IECA’s members and the public. The Board assists in developing the annual budget and ensures that proper financial controls are in place.
Select, Evaluate and Support the Executive Director – When needed, the Board selects the most qualified candidate for the position. The Board evaluates the Executive Director’s performance and ensures that the Executive Director has the necessary support to advance the goals of the organization.
Maintain Integrity and Accountability – The Board ensures that IECA adheres to legal standards and ethical norms through pertinent policies and the association’s Bylaws.
Recruit and Orient New Board Members – The Board determines the necessary requirements and procedures to become an IECA Director.  Requirements are outlined in IECA bylaws and approved by membership.  The Board orients new Directors to the responsibilities of the Board, officers and other appropriate positions, and to the history, needs and challenges of IECA.
Enhance IECA’s Public Relations – The Board articulates IECA’s mission, accomplishments and goals to the membership and the public, and gathers support from appropriate affiliated groups and individuals.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements as outlined in IECA’s by-laws, Article 5.2:

1) Board candidates must demonstrate a professional affiliation with the erosion control industry and list all professional organizations of which they hold membership. In addition; they shall list the committees that they serve on, all Board of Director positions and any Officer title(s) of the organization(s). 
2) Board candidates must have a minimum of three consecutive years of membership in IECA Region One prior to the date of their candidacy.
3) It is recommended that Board candidates participate in one of the following prior to the date of their candidacy: (1) IECA Committee Member, (2) Chapter Officer, (3) Chapter Committee Member, or (4) IECA Programs (such as University Partners, Mentorship, etc.).
4) Board Candidates agree, if elected, to attend and participate in at least 75% of the regularly scheduled Board meetings during their term.

Nomination Submission
If you know of an IECA member, including yourself, who meet the above requirements and is willing to lead IECA into the future, nomination requirements based on IECA by-law, Article 5.3 are as follows:

Nomination: Nominations shall be solicited, in writing, from the Members each year for the purpose of electing three (3) Directors to the Board. Each chartered IECA, Region One Chapter is encouraged to be involved with the nomination process by submitting one Chapter-endorsed candidate for the Board of Directors each year.

Each Candidate for nomination to the Board of Directors shall submit the following information to the Executive Director, Sharan Wilson, at

1) The endorsement of three current Member
2) A bio-sketch
3) The list of organizational affiliations as reference in Article
4) A statement of why the nominee would like to serve as an IECA Director 
5) A business photo, images should be submitted as a .jpg file format of at least 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels

Acceptance of the Candidate’s nomination shall be verified by the Executive Director and the Executive Committee, based on fulfillment of the Candidate qualifications based on the requirements of Section 5. Upon verification of the nomination, the Candidate’s bio-sketch and statement shall be placed on the ballot and distributed to all eligible Members prior to the election period.

If the Executive Director and the Executive Committee have determined that a conflict of interest exist, they will declare the Candidate ineligible to run for the Board of Directors of the Corporation.  The Executive Director will notify the Candidate in writing.

>> Download Board of Directors Nomination Form

If you have questions in regards to submitting, voting or the nomination process, please contact Sharan Wilson at or call 303-640-7554.

Submit the nomination no later than July 25, 2018. Remember to include all nomination submissions requirements listed above.

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