IECA's Past Presidents' Council


The Past Presidents' Council will ensure the highest quality for IECA Region One's future leadership. The Past Presidents' Council also will provide a forum for IECA's Past Presidents to stay involved with IECA by encouraging suggestions on future priorities and direction.


The Past Presidents' Council will establish its own objectives to pursue with approval from IECA Region One's Board of Directors. The Past Presidents Council will consider and advise on matters brought before it by the IECA Region One Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee as well.


  • To serve as an advisory group for the IECA Region One President and Board of Directors.
  • To assist with soliciting donors for the IECA SOIL Fund. The Council will keep current with all important SOIL Fund information and other developments.
  • Perform other related functions as appropriate and agreed to by the council chairman, the IECA Region One Board of Directors and the Executive Director.
  • Travel and expense reimbursement may be allocated from the current budget as available and in accordance the reimbursement policy.

Membership & Term of Service

The Council will consist of all living Past Presidents who are IECA Region One members and who wish to participate. Terms will be indefinite. The chairman of the council will be the immediate IECA Region One Past President. Term will end when there is a new immediate IECA Region One Past President as a result of an IECA Region One Board election. If the chairman resigns or chooses not to serve, the IECA Region One President will appoint a new chairman from among the council members that are active.

Chairman Duties

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Past Presidents' Council, including teleconferences.
  2. Formalize the agenda for all meetings after receiving input from the council members, IECA Region One headquarters and/or the Board of Directors.
  3. Serve as the official spokesperson of the Past Presidents' Council.
  4. Past Presidents' Council will identify a specific past President (based on regional location) to represent IECA on behalf of the current IECA R1 President at special or ceremonial events in which the current IECA R1 President is not available to attend.


The Past Presidents' Council will hold a minimum of one meeting each year, which will take place at the IECA annual conference. The council may meet at other times as designated by the chairman, and additional communications may occur via email or phone at the discretion of the chairman.


Frequency of reports will be determined by the council chairman. Reports as needed will be submitted to the current Administrative Vice President and Executive Director of the IECA Region One Board of Directors a minimum of five weeks prior to the Board meeting.

Updated 10/5/13

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