Effective Best of the BMPs

Presented by: John A McCullah

Education Track: Erosion and Sediment Control
Course Length: Full Day
Credit: 7 Professional Development Hours
Technical Level: Intermediate to Advanced

John McCullah has updated one of the most popular IECA courses on Erosion and Sediment Control. This course, entitled Effective Best of the BMPs will dig deeply into the most effective and sustainable BMPs. Begin your projects with the end in mind getting your notice of termination. This means getting the project covered while reducing hydromodification. John will also present new sustainable erosion techniques as developed and taught to Caltrans staff. John uses Dirt Time video clips to peak your interest, enhance the topics and make you feel like you are really there in the dust and diesel. Visit the Erosion Control Training Facility at Shasta College with the WatchYourDirt team to Learn what's Effective and How to Do It.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Knowledge of Erosion and Sedimentation as the physical processes.
  2. Understand how BMP selection is related to physical processes.
  3. Gain advanced understanding of the most effective techniques, not just products.
  4. Awareness of the importance of effective BMPs now with new regulations.
  5. Exposure to Dirt Time clips is closest thing to field experience.

Interested in this course? Please contact IECA Education at: education@ieca.org | 303-640-7554

Presented by John A McCullah

John McCullah is a geomorphologist with degrees from Humboldt State (BS Watershed Geology) and Shasta College (AA Biology). He has been a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control since 1986 and a Licensed California Contractor (Landscape) since 1988. John is also certified as a QSD and QSP (Qualified SWPPP Developer and Practitioner) and he is a Trainer of Record for these CA professional requirements. He has authored 3 complete Best Management Practice Manuals and helped develop new BMPs with California Department of Transportation Division of Landscape Architecture, particularly Steep and Adverse Slopes. John has been teaching professional development courses for IECA since 1996. His popular ‘Best of the BMPs’ course is constantly being updated to reflect new technology, materials, and practices. The Dirt Time video series was produced as a means to present hands on learning experiences to the classroom. There are now over 15 Dirt Time episodes and 50 video clips available.

John has been a practitioner in erosion and sediment control, watershed restoration, stream restoration, biotechnical erosion control (Bioengineering), and road and trail inventories, reconstruction and restoration for over 23 years. He has been teaching Watershed Restoration at Shasta College for 16 years. John was primary investigator for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and TRB publication NCHRP Report 544 – Environmentally Sensitive Channel and Bank Protection Methods, 2005. John has designed and built many environmentally-sensitive river and stream projects over the last years, projects ranging from California to Alaska, and Alberta Canada to New Zealand. As an academic and practitioner with dozens of case studies and Dirt Time clips, John’s trainings are filled with first hand, practical experiences.

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Scott Velting, CPESC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA