Ecology Permit Updates and Q&A With ECY Inspector

Mindi English & Evan Dobrowski

Have you ever experienced an inspection with an Ecology inspector or potentially had a penalty issued due to the Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSWGP)? Or, have you ever wondered what documents you need to provide to Ecology or a third party when operating under permit coverage for the Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP)? If you are a site operator, CESCL, foreman, permittee, or site contact for either the CSWGP or ISGP, please join us for a general overview of these permits with representatives from Ecology. This presentation will cover a wide range of topics including inspections and potential changes to both the NPDES Construction and Industrial Stormwater General Permits administered by WA Department of Ecology. Your presenters will be Evan Dobrowski, a Northwest Regional Office Stormwater Inspector and Mindi English, a permit writer from the Headquarters Office in Olympia. Evan and Mindi will present the topic at hand and look forward to your questions and to provide clarification regarding the ISGP and CSWGP.

Co-Presented by Mindi English

Mindi English has over 20 years of experience working with environmental regulations in the northwest, including over 10 years of working with industrial, construction, and municipal stormwater permits. She is a lifelong Duck, having graduated from the University of Oregon in 2004. While in Oregon, she worked for the Department of Environmental Quality for 16 years. She enjoys the beauty and recreational opportunities the northwest has to offer, and is working to help protect these resources for future generations.

Co-Presented by Evan Dobrowski

Evan Dobrowski has 7 years of experience working with environmental regulations and enforcement. Born, raised and educated in the Pacific Northwest, receiving a Bachelors degree from Western Washington University in Environmental Science and policy in 2013. He enjoys the great outdoors and devotes his life to reduce human impacts to the environment for future generations. Evan has spent his entire career in the public sector, starting out in farm planning and mitigation, and working into permitting and policy enforcement. If you see him on your site he is there to see how he can help solve a problem not create more so please see him and other inspectors as a member of the team.