Perimeter Protection: Keeping the Inside In and the Outside Out

Carl Menconi, CPESC, CESSWI

This will be a powerpoint presentation of 30-45 minutes (~40 slides) presenting requirements for perimeter protection compliance and conventional perimeter protection BMPs from the Western Washington Stormwater Manual. The presentation will also provide numerous examples of site-specific and innovative perimeter protection. The emphasis will be on the goals of compliance, effectiveness, and economy of materials and labor. Examples will also include examples of compliant but ineffective BMPs to emphasize the priority of effectiveness.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand practical and permit compliance requirements for perimeter protection.
  • Recognize the objectives of perimeter protection: contain pollutants, protect down slope resources, divert runon.
  • Meet perimeter protection goals: effective, economical, compliant.

PDF of Presentation
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Presented by Carl Menconi, CPESC, CESSWI, Environmental Project Consulting LLC

Carl Menconi has taught water-quality related courses since 1999, including WSDOT’s contractor certification course and the WSDOE Certified Erosion and Sediment Control course, on behalf of his own company Environmental Project Consulting LLC, AGC Education Foundation, Creative Courses LLC, and the Builders’ Industry Association of Washington. He has also taught courses on ESA compliance and in-water work for state, county and city maintenance crews, and courses on trail construction and erosion control for backcountry trail crews. As a stormwater consultant, he has assisted many contractors on permit compliance, BMP selection and use, and overall stormwater problem solving.