IECA Dues Adjustment

Earlier this month, members received a letter from IECA President Tom Schneider announcing that IECA will be adjusting its dues rates on July 1, 2018.

IECA wants to be sure you are aware of this change and understand why IECA’s Board of Directors chose to make this adjustment. IECA has not increased membership dues in over ten years and recognizes that an increase is long overdue. IECA also continues to work diligently to decrease operating costs and price membership dues at the most reasonable amount possible, while still ensuring that IECA stays in good health.

As of July 1, 2018, you will see membership rates change to those listed below:

Ind. Membership Dues    Org. Membership  Dues   
 $200   Corporate  $350
   Professional Plus  $275   Emerald  $650
   Young Professional    $115   Cornerstone  $2,750
   Emeritus  $65   Discounted Professional     $100
   Student  $25   Professional Plus,
  Org. Account Holder

Your Member Benefits

IECA is committed to continuing to increase value to members while modernizing the member experience with access to products and technologies to serve you. We are confident you will continue to see exceptional value in your IECA membership.

  • In January 2017, we debuted the newly redesigned Environmental Connection magazine to provide peer-reviewed articles covering the latest industry trends in a format that was easier to read.
  • We also introduced the twice-weekly IECA SmartBrief enewsletter that provides updates on trending topics from around the world.
  • The IECA Annual Conference revamped with brand new education options, including fireside chats and industry round tables sessions. New formats allowed attendees to ask industry experts practical questions and engage in important dialogue about the issues affecting the industry.
  • The IECA Resource Library was launched in June to provide case studies, white papers, videos, photos and state-based resources which will be increasing important as we enter 2018.
  • We added four complimentary, members-only webinars that provided free continuing education credits as well. Topics ranged from an overview of how the EPA is implementing the Trump Administration Reform agenda to an introduction to using unmanned aerial vehicles for site inspections. In 2018, we will continue to host these free, members-only webinars, addressing the hottest and most pressing topics in the industry.
  • Education certificates< are now viewable and downloadable for all IECA education for you to access at your leisure.

These additions expanded upon the robust benefits IECA offers both its individual and organizational members. We plan to continue to add valuable benefits this year and into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Membership Types Affected by the Dues Adjustment?

  • No, but nearly all are affected. The only member type that has not been changed is the Student membership. All other member rates have been changed. 

When Will the Dues Increase Take Effect?

  • IECA membership dues will increase to the new amounts listed above on July 1, 2018. and all membership materials and communications will be updated to reflect the new rates.

Can I Renew my Membership Now Even if it Expires After July 1, 2018? 

  • Yes, you can renew your membership at the current rates any time before July 1, 2018. Note: If your membership expires in the future, it will be renewed through a year after your expiration date (for example, if you renewed a membership that expires August 31, 2018, your membership would be renewed through August 31, 2019). Contact IECA’s Membership Department at 800-220-3153, option 2. 

Who is Responsible for Determining the Dues Amount?

  • IECA’s Board of Directors is responsible for determining and approving dues amounts. 

Why are Dues Being Increased Now?

  • IECA has not increased membership dues in over ten years and recognizes that an increase is long overdue. IECA strives to provide the most relevant benefits for the most reasonable rates possible. After an analysis by the Board of Directors, IECA determined that the current member rates are not sustainable as they are not in keeping with inflation and thus do not adequately cover the costs of the member benefits it offers. In fact, IECA’s dues adjustment in most cases will not fully cover inflation rate over the past 10 years, which has amounted to 17%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Board of Directors determined that a dues adjustment is necessary to both protecting and growing IECA so that it can continue to serve members now and long into the future. 

Will Chapter Dues be Included in the New Membership Dues Rates?

  • Yes, your IECA dues will continue to include dues to the IECA Chapter of your choice. For more information on IECA Chapters, click here. 

Has IECA Tried to Reduce Costs so a Dues Increase Would Not be Necessary?

  • Yes – IECA has worked diligently to reduce operating costs without reducing the value of membership. These have included leveraging technology to automate critical functions and increasing the availability of online and digital tools. IECA has also grown programs and benefits without growing staff or incurring unnecessary personnel costs.

Is IECA Membership a Good Value?

  • Yes! IECA membership is an essential professional development investment for any member of the erosion and sediment control and/or stormwater management industry. Along with a multitude of valuable benefits listed below, members can earn free PDHs though the Environmental Connection magazine, members-only free webinars and IECA’s suite of online learning products. Members gain access to extremely valuable discounts on IECA events that quickly amount to more savings than the cost of membership. 
  • Additionally, IECA’s membership pricing is lower than similar associations, such as the American Society of Landscape Architects, with full member dues of $370 annually, or the American Society of Civil Engineers, with member dues of $245 annually. 

What are the Benefits of Membership?

  • IECA’s mission is to provide world class education, networking and research for those in the stormwater and erosion and sediment control industry. Member benefits include membership in the chapter of your choice, discounted rates on IECA events and conferences, the ability to serve on an IECA committee board, the ability to participate in a mentorship program, access to live and archived webinars, formal on-site training from faculty instructors, IECA’s new resource library, career portal, online member directory and a subscription to Environmental Connection magazine. Organizational members unlock valuable discounts on advertising, sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, along with other benefits to increase their company’s visibility within IECA’s audience. For full information on benefits, click here. 

Can I Expect Another Dues Adjustment in the Future? 

  • The IECA Board of Directors will continue to analyze dues rates in the future to determine the next time a dues adjustment is necessary. However, IECA plans to make more frequent but lower adjustments in order to better keep up with inflation and eliminate the need for more drastic changes.  

I Have More questions, Who Can I Contact to Get More Information? 

  • Contact IECA’s membership department at 800-220-3153, option 2.