Awards Committee

Committee Description/Purpose/Objectives

The Awards Committee shall recognize outstanding achievements in the industry. This committee organizes and reviews the nominations for specific IECA Awards and selects a recommended winner for each IECA Award.


  • The Awards Committee administers IECA's annual "Environmental Excellence" Awards Program. It is charged with examining the on-going policies and procedures associated with the Awards Program. These duties include calling for submittals, reviewing the entries and judging the award nominations based on established criteria. It shall formulate a general program designed to meet the needs and desires of the Association's members in the matter of awards and honors. Technical judging assistance will be provided for the technical awards portion of the program by the Professional Development Committee through the Technology Section volunteers.
  • Committee members are expected to participate in committee meetings.
  • Committee members are relied upon to judge the Environmental Excellence Awards submission according to the judging timeline developed by the committee and staff liaison.
  • Committee members are expected to attend the Awards Ceremony at the IECA Annual Meeting where they will be recognized.


  • Recognize the accomplishments of the membership through an awards program that complements IECA’s stakeholders and mission.
  • Raise the prestige of the IECA Awards program through enhancing opportunities for recognizing awards winners and increasing the pool of diverse, qualified applications for the awards


  • Committee meets as necessary via teleconference and once face-to-face at the Annual Meeting.
  • During the Annual Meeting, the Awards Committee will meet face-to-face for strategic planning and implementation of ideas for the following year's program.
  • Committee activity shall be included in a report prepared annually for the Board of Directors by the staff liaison and approved by the Committee Chair.

Membership /Qualifications/Term of Service

Committee members must be current IECA members and their membership must remain in good standing throughout the duration of their serving on the committee.

Structure and Bylaws

Committee size should be 3-5 members, including the Chair. The committee is Chaired by a member appointed by the President of the Board of Directors and serves a three year term. Committee members are appointed by the Committee Chair.

Awards Committee Roster

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