Stormwater Management

This track covers the far-reaching field of managing stormwater in the post-construction urban environment. Subject matter such as regulatory requirements and compliance, green infrastructure, post-construction stormwater practices, water quality monitoring and water quality modeling are covered in this educational track.

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Area of Focus

Regulatory Requirements and Compliance

  • EPA Regulations
  • State Stormwater Quality Programs
  • TMDL Implementation
  • Adaptive Management
  • Post-Construction Ordinance Creation
  • Regional/Municipal Public Process

Green Infrastructure/LID

  • New Development
  • Infill/Redevelopment
  • Smart Growth Practices
  • Sustainable Sites Initiative
  • LEED Credits

Professional Certification 

Research and Development

Stormwater Design, Monitoring & Application

  • Post Construction Stormwater Practices
    • Quantity Control facilities
    • Bioretention
    • Rain Gardens
    • Green Roof Systems
    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
    • Below-Ground Storage
    • Oil/Grit Separator Devices (Testing & Research)
    • Regional, Multi-Use Facilities
    • Maintenance
    • Performance Standards & Testing Protocols
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Research & Development
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Watershed assessments
  • Pollutants & Pollutant Loading
  • Sampling Equipment/techniques
  • TMDL Implementation Plans
  • Water Quality Modeling
    • P8
    • SWMM

    Stormwater Management Track Committee

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