Environmental Connection Editorial Review Committee

Committee Description/Purpose/Objectives

The IECA Editorial Review Committee (ERC) is responsible for providing strategic direction for the IECA Environmental Connection editorial calendar and peer review for the articles included in the magazine.


  • Provide strategic direction for IECA's magazine, content ideas, and periodic assessment of the magazine's effectiveness at satisfying IECA membership needs.
  • Technical articles are subject to a peer review by at least one and usually two reviewers who are experts in the field. Articles are reviewed for technical accuracy, as well as grammatical correctness. Articles are evaluated based upon usefulness to the readership, technical substance, and ability to articulate the subject matter in a way that is easily understood.
  • Manuscripts submitted with approval by an IECA committee or Chapter are not subject to additional review, as they have already been reviewed and approved by the committee or Chapter. Industry and association news items are not subject to mandatory review, but may be submitted for review at the editor's discretion to ensure they follow the intent of the magazine.
  • Members of the ERC work directly with the editor of Environmental Connection to ensure that manuscripts are reviewed in a timely and professional fashion. Completed reviews are returned to the editorial office within one week after assignment for review.
  • This is a blind review process which means reviewers will not work directly with authors to correct errors or omissions that are noted; the staff editor will serve as the liaison between the reviewers and authors. Whenever possible, authors will be given the opportunity to improve their manuscripts based on the feedback of reviewers.


Ensure the quality of the IECA Environmental Connection magazine to position the magazine as the Official Publication of IECA


Committee meets as necessary via teleconference and once face-to-face at the Annual Meeting. Committee activity shall be included in a report prepared annually for the BODs by the staff liaison and approved by the Committee Chair.

Membership /Qualifications/Term of Service

The ERC consists of IECA members who are experts in the field and have volunteered to serve. Volunteers serve at will and may step down at any time. The ERC will be acknowledged in Environmental Connection, and will have the opportunity to gain recognition among their peers. IECA is always seeking members to serve on the ERC, so please contact the IECA Education if you'd like to serve.

Structure and Bylaws

Committee size should be 5-10 members, including the Chair. Volunteers serve at will and may step down at any time. The committee is Chaired by a member appointed by the President of the BODs. Committee members are appointed by the Committee Chair.

Editorial Review Board Roster

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Scott Velting, CPESC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA