Frequently Asked Questions: Serving on the IECA Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in serving on the IECA Board of Directors. As a Board member, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of our association and contribute to the growth and success of the erosion, sediment control, and stormwater management industries. Below are answers to some common questions about the roles, responsibilities, and requirements for Board members. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Q: What are the requirements to serve on the IECA Board of Directors?
A: Candidates for the IECA Board of Directors must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:
  • Participation in the fields of erosion control, sediment control and stormwater management
  • Contribution to IECA and Intent to provide continued service.
  • Board candidates must demonstrate a professional affiliation with the erosion control, sediment control or stormwater management industry and list all professional organizations of which they hold membership.
  • In addition, they shall list the committees that they serve on, all Board of Directors positions and any Officer title/s of the organization/s.
  • Board candidates must have a minimum of three (3) consecutive years of membership in IECA, prior to the date of their candidacy.
  • It is recommended that Board candidates participate in one of the following prior to the date of their candidacy: IECA Committee Member, Chapter Officer, Chapter Committee Member All potential candidates will be processed through the Nominating Committee for inclusion as Director A, Director B or Director C, based on their skill sets, for placement on the election ballot.
Q: What are the responsibilities of an IECA Board member?
A: IECA Board members are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the association, making policy decisions, overseeing financial management and ensuring that the organization fulfills its mission and vision.

Q: How long is the term for a Board member?
Board members serve a term of three years. Board members can run for re-election for up to three consecutive terms. The terms of board members are staggered to ensure continuity within the Board.

Q: How often does the Board meet?
A: The Board meets every other month, virtually, with an in-person meeting at the IECA Annual Conference. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Q: What is the time commitment for serving on the Board?
A: Board members should expect to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours per month, which includes attending meetings, participating in committee work and preparing for discussions.

Q: What qualifications are required to serve on the Board?
Ideal candidates should have leadership experience, expertise relevant to IECA's mission, and a history of involvement with IECA at both global and chapter levels. Specific skills such as financial acumen, marketing experience or regulatory knowledge are also valuable.

Q: Can I nominate myself for the Board?
A: Yes, self-nominations are encouraged. Members who believe they meet the qualifications and can contribute to the Board's work are welcome to nominate themselves.

Q: How are Board members selected?
A: Nominations are reviewed by the Nominating Committee, which selects candidates based on their qualifications and the needs of the Board. Final candidates are then presented to the IECA membership for voting.

Q: What is the nomination process?
A: Candidates must complete the Board Nomination Form, obtain endorsements from three current IECA members, and provide a bio-sketch, a list of affiliations and offices held, a statement of intent, a business photo, and reference contact information. References will submit a skills assessment directly to IECA.

Q: When are nominations due?
A: All nomination materials must be submitted by June 30, 2024.

Q: Do Board members receive compensation?
Board members do not receive compensation for their service.

Q: What is the schedule for the election?
The Board of Director approve the following election schedule for 2024.
  5/30/2024       Call for Nominations   
  6/30/2024        Close of Nominations   
  7/14/2024        Review of Nominees by Staff   
  7/24/2024        Approval of Nominees by Executive Committee   
  7/25/2024        Start of Candidates’ Campaigns  
  8/15/2024        Start of Election
  8/29/2024        Close of Election
  9/1/2024        Announce Results  

Q: Who can I contact for more information?
For more information, please email IECA at