Seat C Candidate Runoff Overview 

Due to a tie for Seat C between the candidates below, a runoff election will be held Thursday, October 15 - Thursday, October 22. Please review the candidate information and vote for the candidate of your choice. Candidates were selected to be grouped into Seat C because they possess high marks in strategic planning, leadership, organizational management, networking, and Board of Director experience.

Jonathan Koepke

"I am seeking re-election for a final term of service on the BOD in order to see through many of the efforts to help grow, modernize, and elevate the Association that have been taking place over the last 5 years. I hope to help IECA reach out and engage the next generation of professionals and leaders in our industry and Association with a focus on diversity. As a Chapter leader and board member I have focused and made efforts to help collaborate between chapters and to increase chapter support and development. As a board member I will continue these efforts through Reunification with Region 2 and the potential for increased international chapter development in our global association. I am asking for your vote for the Board of Directors to help continue these efforts and strengthen the industry and association."

Short Bio
Jonathan Koepke is currently President at ENCAP, Inc. in DeKalb, IL and holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Northern Illinois University as well as an MBA. Jonathan has been a member of IECA since 2006 and served as President of the Great Lakes Chapter from 2010-2019 and currently hold the Treasurer's position. He has previously served IECA as chair of the Chapter Advisory Council, Awards Committee, and Chapter President's Council prior to serving as a member of the Board of Directors. Jonathan joined the BOD in 2015 and served as Treasurer until 2019 when he assumed the Vice President of Governance position. He has been a technical presenter at numerous IECA regional and national conference on topics ranging from habitat and stream restoration to BMP installation and vegetation establishment.

Julie Morelli

"It’s incredible to be in a runoff election for the first time in IECA history! Thank you for your support and interest in IECA as an important and vital organization – made stronger by its members’ participation. To break the tie, we candidates must ask you to consider again and cast another vote. Clearly, you have two capable volunteers from which to choose! If elected, I will be honored to dedicate myself to furthering the growth of IECA educational programs to emphasize and enhance the incredible benefits to human health and the environment created by stormwater professionals around the world. "

Short Bio
Julie Morelli has been a member of the IECA since 2011. She joined the Board of Directors of the South Central Chapter in 2011 as Member B, and progressing to become the VP Technical of the Board. Julie has assisted with the development of technical content at events such as the Arkansas 2-Day workshop, the Texas Stormwater Conference in Grapevine, Houston, and the virtual event that would have been in San Antonio, Texas. Julie contributes to the monthly newsletter, recently providing a list of free training and sharing information on the upcoming changes to the EPA MSGP. Julie is searching for Chapter University Partners, through UTSA, Texas State University, and Texas Lutheran. She attends the annual Environmental Connection Conference, and has done so since the Portland Oregon event in 2015. Julie submits abstracts and presents at ever opportunity.

How to Vote:

In order to cast your vote, you will need to log in to IECA's online voting system and follow the instructions below. Each member receives one ballot. Enter your username (your member ID #) and the password "BODRUNOFF" to enter the voting platform. If you do not know your ID number, please email us at or call us at 303-640-7554.


  • Review each Board Candidates bio by clicking on their name. You may vote for one candidate.
  • After you have voted, click "Proceed" at the bottom of the page to review your votes. If you'd like to change your vote before submitting, select "Return to Ballot" to edit your vote.
  • When you're finished, click "Submit ballot" at the bottom of the review page.
  • You will be directed to a page stating "Ballot accepted. Thank you. Your ballot has been accepted."

Note: You must be a current IECA Member to be eligible to vote.

Voting Closes Thursday, October 22 at 11:59 PM EDT.


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