IECA Region One and Two Reunification Update

Throughout the last year Andrew Macleod (President of the Australasian Chapter of the IECA) and IECA President, Adam Dibble, resolved to develop a robust audit and comprehensive process to establish one IECA. These efforts were proceeded by the work of two separate Mutually Represented Task Force (MRTF) groups which comprised of members from both regions and established the basis and the groundwork for the process.

The task force evaluated the resources and benefits of rejoining the regions and agree that reunification will improve the association’s industry presence. The recommendation for reunification of the regions will now go to vote to both memberships. Leadership of both regions hope that given the details below both members of the Australasian Chapter (Region 2) of the IECA and Region 1 will support this recommendation and vote FOR the official reunification. Reasons for reunification include:

Helping IECA be a truly international organization

  • Providing international opportunities for knowledge sharing, product supply, education, mentorship and growth of the Association
  • Providing support for existing, past and potential chapters within the geographic area of Region 2 that are currently under-supported
  • Providing greater value for our members
  • Establishing IECA as a more united and cohesive organization

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Ultimately, we believe that the details of reunification are now sorted, and that reunification is the best course of action for the Association as a whole. We ask for your support by voting FOR the reunification in this membership vote that will open September 21 - October 5.