2020 IECA Strategic Plan Update

The IECA Board of Directors are committed to the growth and evolution of the association. In February 2020, the Board met in Raleigh, North Carolina at the IECA Annual Conference to review and update the strategic direction for IECA. The updated plan helps identify resources to support membership through improved services to chapters, members and professionals who protect soil and water resources. Some of the first steps for the strategic plan included revising the vision and mission statements:


IECA advances the standards of practice and connect the erosion control and stormwater management community.


The global alliance enhancing soil and water resources.

In addition to updating the mission and vision statement, four pillars have been developed to provide a foundation to align IECA's goals, resources and processes to help support membership. The four pillars are Connect, Learn, Promote and Lead.

Please learn more about the pillars and objectives tied to each pillar below:


Connect – Support the career and practice success of industry members.
  • Create networking opportunities for members to connect through chapters, conferences and technologies.
  • Build relationships with outside entities to strengthen the industry  and provide opportunities for members.
  • Identify business opportunities for members to exchange leads.
  • Recruit and build emerging leaders to join IECA to forward the association and the industry.
  • Establish mentors to support upcoming professionals in the industry.
Learn – Develop and deliver the knowledge and standards of practice unique to the industry.
  • Develop education that can be delivered regionally based on standards of practice, reflecting local regulation and compliance.
  • Support certifications to enhance industry competencies.
  • Conduct regional and national live events to meet industry training needs. 
  • Host online training to provide 24/7 learning opportunities to the industry.
  • Develop meaningful content featuring knowledge experts delivering quality content globally.
  • Enhance international content to enhance learning on a global scale while growing digital training library.
Promote – Expand awareness of IECA’s impact on erosion, soil and water.
  • Develop effective communication tools to promote the impact and importance of IECA to the industry.
  • Utilize various platforms to provide consistent messaging to members, chapters and the industry.
  • Identify new audiences for collaboration efforts
  • Ensure IECA is represented at relevant industry events.
  • Strategically reach out to governmental entities to communicate the purpose of IECA, it's membership and our support to the industry.
Lead – Lead a powerful global association to serve the industry and society.
  • Build an association that facilities global industry unity.
  • Provide excellent financial stewardship.
  • Promote leadership opportunities to membership.
  • Provide guidance and resources for consistent, efficient chapter operations and deliverables to members.
  • Identify potential grants supporting educational content and research.