Sustained Partner Award

This award recognizes a company who has provided distinguished support to IECA and has made outstanding contributions to improve the erosion and sediment control industry for a sustained number of years. Winners of this award will have demonstrated long-term support to the stormwater and/or erosion and/or sediment control industry through IECA through one or more of the following: education, innovative industry products, research, establishment of standards or policies or the development of technology. The recipient must be an active supporting partner of IECA and exhibiting/sponsoring the 2023 IECA Annual Conference and Expo. Please click here to access the nomination form. Nominations are due December 16, 2022.

Judging Criteria

  • Number of years the organization has exhibited/sponsored at the IECA Annual Conference. (10 points maximum)
  • Number of regional events organization exhibited/sponsored in 2021.  (5 points)
  • Examples of how the organization has supported chapters beyond regional events. (10 points)
  • Current organizational membership level. (Cornerstone 10, Emerald 8, Corporate 5)
  • Awards the organization has received outside of IECA for contributions to the stormwater and/or erosion and sediment control industry. (5 points)
  • Examples of educational contributions to the stormwater and/or sediment and erosion control industry (10 points)

 Total of 50 points available. Nominations not achieving at least 50% of available points in each judging criterion and at least 75% of the overall points will not qualify for an award. Additional points awarded for number of consecutive years as an exhibitor and/or sponsor.

Mandatory Content

  • Describe the organization’s support to IECA including exhibiting/sponsoring the IECA Annual Conference, regional events and examples of supporting chapter efforts. (Maximum 1600 words)
  • Describe the organization’s contribution(s) to improve the erosion and sediment control industry. Please include awards organization has received and examples of educational and training opportunity the partner provides to support the industry. (Maximum 1600 words)
  • Include two references from individuals knowledgeable about, but not involved in the organization. References cannot be from an employee or family member of the nominee. Awards committee representatives may contact references during the review process.

Optional Content

The nominator may include optional content highlighting the attributes of the individual to supplement the mandatory content. The optional content is the nominator's opportunity to "make the case" for the nomination proposal for the award.

Click here to access the nomination form.