IECA Board of Directors Election is Now Open

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As with last year's IECA Board of Director's Election, the IECA nominating committee identified and placed candidates with certain skill sets to run for the Board of Directors based on grouping them by skillsets. The newer process did not change the well-established process of allowing any member, who meets the requirements in our bylaws to run for the Board. Candidates based on their experience will be running for the following seats/areas:

Seat A Candidate:

The candidate in this seat position possess high marks in board of director experience, risk assessment, organization management, legal and networking skills.

Thomas W. Schneider, CPESC

Short Biography/History of Involvement in the Industry and IECA:

Tom started consulting in stormwater regulatory compliance in 1992. He is a former council member of the Environmental Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association and former SBGA Small Business and Government Relations Committee. Tom is a STEP Member (Society of Texas Environmental Professionals). He joined IECA in 2006 and became a member of the southcentral chapter of the IECA. In 2007, Tom served as VP Technical and was President of the chapter 2011-12. He was Co-Chair of Standards and Practice committee and joined the IECA Region One Board in 2015 and was VP of Marketing. He was President 2017-18 and served as past president in 2019-20. He has also served as the Chief of Council for the International Representative Council in 2020 and is currently Ex Officio to the IECA.

Statement to Why Nominee Wants to be an IECA Director:

I would like to be able to make our membership grow and become more active in local areas and address the needs of each area and give them the ability to disseminate the most effective ways and means of working with erosion and sediment controls. I want our members to be able to solve problems inherent in their specific region, country and local areas. We, the IECA, must take the lead and assist our membership by giving them the tools they need to be successful.

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Seat B Candidate:

The candidate in this seat position possess high marks in business/corporate planning, leadership experience, human resources/performance, marketing and public affairs.

Sonny Johns, REP, CPESC, CISEC

Short Biography/History of Involvement in the Industry and IECA:

Sonny has 20+ years as a stormwater professional, he has a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Management. His credentials include EP, CPESC, REP, CISEC, CESSWI, and CESCP. Sonny has been a member of IECA for over 11 years, a board of directors member of SCIECA for eight years, and the President of the SCIECA Board for over three years. Sonny is currently the Senior Stormwater Specialist at Cardinal Strategies, an environmental firm in Wylie, TX.

Statement to Why Nominee Wants to be an IECA Director:

I would like to be an IECA director to continue my support of IECA and all its affiliates. IECA is the best possible way for people in our industry to connect and discuss industry issues. I feel it is my time to give my experience to our parent organization.

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Seat C Candidates:

The candidates in this seat position possess high marks in strategic planning, accounting knowledge, financial investment, information technology and fundraising.

Andrew Macleod, CPESC, CPSS

Short Biography/History of Involvement in the Industry and IECA:

G’day erosioneers, I’m Andrew Macleod. I live in Bowral NSW, Australia with my wife Inga and my two kids aged 14 and 12. When I’m not playing in the dirt on construction sites, you’ll find me on a boat or on a cricket field. I am an environmental consultant with a passion for soil science and the erosion and sediment control industry. I have been in this industry for more than 20 years. For the past 15 years I have run a small environmental engineering consultancy called SEEC, which employs 14 people and has offices in NSW and Queensland, Australia. I’ve been involved in the IECA for many years and I’m keen to see the Association continue to thrive and develop. I have been on the Board of the Australasian chapter for 11 years and I spent 8 years in the role of President. I have been on IECA's International Board of Directors for two years and would like to continue in that role. I was heavily involved in the reunification of IECA back in 2021, working with a great team to deliver a stronger, more cohesive, unified IECA. In my professional role I deliver erosion and sediment control training all over Australia and have trained over 8,000 people in the last 15 years, hopefully convincing them of the importance of ground cover!

Statement to Why Nominee Wants to be an IECA Director:

I’ve been involved in the IECA for many years and I’m keen to see the Association continue to thrive and develop. Reunification in 2021 presented numerous great opportunities for our Association, but also some challenges. Having been involved on the front lines of reunification for many years, I believe there is a continuity of knowledge and experience that should be maintained as our Association proceeds and progresses. IECA's history doesn't define its future, but it gives us an understanding of who were are, where we've been, and why we keep advocating for erosion and sediment control. I'm keen to keep working with the amazing people within IECA's chapters and staff to perpetuate the success of reunification and propel the Association to constantly improve and serve its members. Although being on the Board is a leadership role, I consider it to be a commitment to serve. The IECA is ultimately owned by its members, and I am committed to serving our members right around the world, and to keep growing the Association's reach and influence. I have served on the international Board of Directors for 2 years, and would like to continue in that role, so I can see some of our new and exciting initiatives come to fruition.

Nancy Schumm

Short Biography/History of Involvement in the Industry and IECA:

Nancy has been a member of IECA for over a decade and a CPESC since 2006. As a practitioner my 20 + year career evolved from a riparian restoration specialist to the Director of Water Resources and the Environment for PRIME AE Group, Inc., in Baltimore, Maryland. In between, I have worked as a land conservation specialist, lakes manager, designated erosion control inspector, and project manager for stream and lake shoreline restoration projects throughout the Midwest and now the East Coast. The value that IECA has brought to my expertise cannot be understated. Where else can an industry professional gain peer knowledge and insight, review and information on existing and new products, and have the opportunity to work alongside a great team of dedicated individuals? IECA is the industry leader in information about erosion control efforts and products throughout the world. As climate initiatives evolve, so will this industry and the innovations to solve problems. I have always been proud to be a member of IECA.

Statement to Why Nominee Wants to be an IECA Director:

I think IECA is a critical organization to keep exploring, expanding, and educating our industry on the options and innovations available in erosion control products and solutions. As we face human encroachment upon natural resources, and climate change, erosion control is an integral part of preserving those resources that remains and the decision makers and designers of solutions are woefully under educated about the best ways to resolve issues. I have been a part of this field for nearly 20 years and want to take a bigger role in assisting in the education of our peers. I always feel that it is important to step into leadership and I have been delaying joining the board until now because, quite frankly, I wasn’t in a good position to commit prior to this. As business and life have settled into a better routine (kids grown and flown) I now have the time to commit.

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