Effective Erosion Control BMP's Through Hydromulching and Compost Blankets

Product Theater Speaker: Ron Ciolfi, CPESC & John A. McCullah, CPESC

Hydromulching and Compost Blankets are two of the most effective Erosion Control (raindrop erosion) BMPs available to the Industry today. The effectiveness is dependent, as with most BMPs, on many factors dealing with application and installation. For example, a few of these factors are soil preparation, the quantity of material (usually expressed in lbs/ac (kg/ha)), and the material's composition. The practitioners' often-used phrase is - "BMP selection isn't rocket science - it's more complicated!"

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the two BMPs discussed in this presentation, hydromulching and compost application, require machines to apply the Hydromulch or Compost material cost-effectively. With the advent of YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms, “how-to” videos are a popular and effective way to introduce and teach complicated topics. This presentation will use “shot in the field” video to show a sampling of how machines can be used.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How Hydromulching and compost blankets are used in raindrop erosion control.
  • Understand the many factors in the application and installation of these BMP's.
  • Understand the machines needed to const-effectively apply Hydromulch or Compost material.

Ron Ciolfi

John McCullah

Product Theater Speaker: Ron Ciolfi, CPESC – Market Development Manager, Finn Corporation & Secondary Presenter: John A. McCullah, CPESC #311, CA Contractor, CA Community College Instructor – Owner, Erosion Specialist, Fluvio-Geomorphologist

Ron Ciolfi, CPESC, currently works as a Market Development Manager for FINN Corporation, training dealers and end users on the proper uses of equipment and eductating folks on different methods of work and erosion control practices. His expertise comes from interacting with many contractors throughout the US, as well as having owned and operated his own erosion control business and working closely with others in the industry to teach people how to beautify, protect and enhance the environment. Ron is in the field frequently, working to train people on ground and soil management.

John was on IECA BoD for 5 years. He is a CPESC since 1986 and a CA Contractor. With a BS in Watershed Geologiy from Humboldt State University and an AA in Biology, John combines practical experience and academics to teach on topics ranging from Construction Site BMPs, Bioengineering for Slope and Bank Stability, Watershed Restoration, and Environmentally-Sensitive Streambank and Channel Stabilization. John has been producing Dirt Time Videos since 2006, with a dirttime.tv video library numbering dozens.