Performance and Cost Analysis of Various Ditch Check Installation Techniques Based on a Field Study in Tama County, IA

Jaime C. Schussler, CPESC IT, EIT

Well sure we can improve the performance of our erosion and sediment control plan, but at what cost? This presentation will compare the performance and cost of several standard and enhanced ditch check practices based on the findings of a field-scale study conducted in Tama County, Iowa. In addition, we'll present CheckSpread, an Excel tool to guide designers in making practical and cost-conscious E&SC designs for conveyance channels.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Interpret performance-cost results for various ditch check installation techniques.
  • Evaluate various ditch check design options based on site characteristics, channel geometries, and associated cost.
  • Apply CheckSpread, an excel tool, to aid in erosion and sediment control design of conveyance channels.

Presented by Jaime C. Schussler, CPESC IT, EIT – Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University

Jaime is a PhD student at Auburn University, with a research focus in construction stormwater management. Prior to joining the Auburn family, she completed her master's at Iowa State University where she began her research for the Iowa DOT. This research included 2-year field monitoring project for erosion and sediment control improvements and has continued with a controlled testing on in-channel sediment basins at the Auburn University Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility. In addition, Jaime has been involved in monitoring and assessing the runoff quantity and quality performance of post-construction stormwater management practices. Jaime currently holds her EIT and CPESC-IT credentials.