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Thompson Engineering is approved by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) as a Certified Training Provider for the Qualified Credentialed Inspector (QCI) Training Program. This program provides students throughout Alabama with instruction in storm water pollution prevention regulations, strategies, and techniques for construction sites. Experienced instructors deliver classroom training sessions to the public as well as private group sessions to clients upon request. Thompson Engineering also offers an on-demand, online initial training course that can be taken at your convenience, as well as a cost-effective online annual refresher course that is required for all current QCI students.
Established in 1953, Thompson Engineering is a multi-disciplined planning, design, and construction services firm providing engineering design, environmental consulting, construction management, construction inspection and materials testing. Our 300+ personnel offer seamless, responsive, and cost-effective engineering and architectural services.

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Hanes Geo Components offers a variety of products that are an essential part of any stabilization, reinforcement, or restoration project. Reinforce your surrounding areas and allow vegetation to take root. Choose from biodegradable, temporary, or permanent solutions. Whatever you need – woven/nonwoven geotextiles, straw blankets, coir mats, wattles, or logs – we have the answer.


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Applied Polymer Systems is the only company in the world that manufactures these specific types of erosion control and water clarification products. Also, we’ve had our products tested by universities, water management districts and Department of Transportation groups who have proven them to work and proven them safe to the environment. Silt Stop® emulsion or powder products and Floc Log® gel blocks are specifically tailored for each soil type and water chemistry. These products help to alleviate erosion while encouraging the growth of vegetation. You simply send a water or soil sample to our facility for a no-cost analysis and we can develop these and other solutions based on your specific soil type.

SOX Erosion Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes patented bioengineered erosion control systems that immediately stop and repair shoreline and hillside erosion, while promoting vegetation growth. Our light-weight, flexible systems utilize our patented knitted HDPE- technical mesh, designed with “RipStop” technology, for long-lasting and effective erosion control. We educate companies on how to specify, bid, sell and install our suite of “living shoreline” erosion control systems and perimeter control devices.

Western Green, and its associated erosion control brands East Coast Erosion Control, North American Green and Western Excelsior, is the industry leader for manufactured erosion and sediment control products and holds the industry’s most complete product line ranging from short term ECBs to permanent HPTRM Anchored Systems. Our Falcon Brand of anchors and pins can help provide high-performance systems when used in conjunction with our TRMs and HPTRMs. Whether your site needs short-term protection or permanent vegetation reinforcement, trust Western Green’s quality brand products to handle any erosion issue you may face.

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Apex realizes that today hydroseeding is more site-specific than it has been in the past. Therefore, we have created some of the most versatile products on the market. Our products are capable of mixing and applying any material from paper to BFM’s at the quickest rates. We have tailored our products to suit all hydroseeding needs. Therefore, there is no job too big or too small for Apex. Our high-quality stainless-steel tank can withstand the harshest and most abrasive mixes in the industry. This, along with our innovative design leads to less maintenance, less cost, greater lifespan, and products that hold value.

In 1935, Charles FINN invented the revolutionary machine that chopped and applied straw for mulching freshly seeded soil to protect it from rain and wind erosion. Based just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, his idea and small shop were the catalysts for a new industry of labor-saving equipment in the soil and ground preservation space. Following the straw blower, Finn invented the first hydroseeder in 1953. This machine was a highly efficient way to spray seeds and fertilizers over broad areas. More than just a product innovation – it was the seed that accelerated the growth of the turf and erosion control industry that we know today.

J. W. Faircloth & Son, Inc. is dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility by developing, manufacturing, and distributing Faircloth Skimmer® surface drains for dewatering sediment basins. We are continuously making improvements to the Faircloth Skimmer® in response to customer comments. We sell Faircloth Skimmer® surface drains directly to our customers, and also through distributors, and we are very proud of our service to our customers and our contribution toward maintaining the health of our planet.

Based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., PROFILE Products LLC is the leading provider of environmentally sound, site specific solutions for soil modification, erosion and vegetative establishment. Profile offers on-site solutions and consultation to architects, land planners, contractors and developers. Their team of agronomists, engineers and industry experts is supported through a worldwide network of experienced distributors. Profile … Solutions for your Environment™

Retem Steel is an international company created in 1999 to solve erosion control challenges facing government and private construction projects. We can meet the needs of all size projects: large or small and every project size in between. Our successful growth is based on our superior technology and ease of implementation. That translates to significant savings for you! It doesn't matter if the project is large or small. We have a solution for every size project.

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Gripple Manufacturer of anchoring & bracing solutions for erosion control, slope stability & geomembrane anchoring. Products include: Terra-Lock open-face plate & anchor assemblies for erosion control and soil stabilization applications that promote vegetation regrowth; Terra-Lock plate & anchor assemblies for articulate concrete block (ACB) installations; a self-sealing anchoring system for securing geomembranes; and a high load Terra-Lock pin for turf reinforcement matting, erosion blankets, geotextiles & landscaping fabrics.

Inland Tarp & Liner fabricates premium environmental and energy market liners and products. Inland Tarp & Liner is a recognized leader in geomembrane fabrication and anti-slip geotextile surfaces industry. In 2019, Inland Tarp & Liner introduced the ITL Reinforced Concrete Roll, a disruptive technology reinventing concrete.


American Excelsior

American Excelsior is the manufacturer of Curlex® Erosion Control Blankets and other quality erosion and sediment control products. With manufacturing locations and distribution partners all across the U.S., products and personal assistance are always close to you or your job site.

Asimpa Products

Asimpa Products erosion control blankets, or ECBs, are made with organic straw, excelsior, or coconut fibers that act as turf-reinforcing mulches which renew vegetation while shielding incoming growth from the elements. ECBs are ideal for preventing erosion in channels and on slopes.

Carolina Hydrologic, LLC

Carolina Hydrologic is the master distributor of HydroLoc products, soil amendments designed to more effectively manage resources by reducing water requirements, reducing the loss of nutrients, stabilizing soil, and reducing dust and erosion. HydroLoc products represent a new generation of polyacrylamide based technology, providing state of the art solutions to professional contractors, growers, and landscapers.

Concrete Canvas

Created specifically for erosion control, containment and shelter applications, Concrete Canvas® (CC) products are part of a revolutionary class of new, innovative materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). CC is a flexible, concrete filled geosynthetic which provides a thin and durable concrete layer when hydrated. Typically, 10-times faster to install than conventional concrete solutions; essentially, it’s Concrete on a Roll™.


Flexamat® is a vegetated concrete block mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines.

Guardian Retention Systems

Guardian Retention Systems provides quality engineered products, solutions, and services designed to reduce or prevent damage caused by the destructive forces of nature. Our broad range of products and services are ideal for both emergency and planned uses. We hold all the patents for our products and thus are the sole source of manufacture oversite and distribution. As a result, all products we sell are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Retem Steel

RETEM STEEL is an international company created in 1999 to solve erosion control challenges facing government and private construction projects. We can meet the needs of all sizes of projects: large or small and every project size in between. Our successful growth is based on our superior technology and ease of implementation. That translates to significant savings for you! It doesn't matter if the project is large or small. We have a solution for every size project.

Spectrum Environmental, Inc.

Spectrum Environmental, Inc. offers a complete and comprehensive array of environmental consulting services. With focus areas geared toward industrial and construction stormwater management, property assessments, and natural resource management, our clients can access one full‐service, integrated source designed to help manage your company’s relationship with the environment. Spectrum’s unique mix of environmental services provides us with the tools necessary to customize solutions for each and every client.

Sunshine Supplies, Inc.

Since 1988, Sunshine Supplies, Inc. has served Alabama and the Florida panhandle as the largest company solely dedicated to providing erosion and sediment control solutions with the highest quality products to the D.O.T, construction, landscaping, civil engineering and mining industries. We pride ourselves in providing prompt service, on-time delivery, on-site evaluations and helpful office visits by our professional and knowledgeable staff.