IECA Commercialization/Presentation Policy

The intent of the International Erosion Control Association's (IECA) educational programs is to provide peer-reviewed content free from advertising or commercial bias.

Part One: Advertising/Commercial Bias

  1. Instructors will refrain from advertising or promoting their employer or other vendor’s product, company information, or any other organization represented during their presentations.
  2. Instructors may not use the session time to distribute material that is self-promoting or represents business interests
  3. Disclosure of all industry associated company affiliations during the session introduction will be required.
  4. Company logo and name may be used on the first and last slide of the presentation only and may not be used as a background during any virtual or other presentation.
  5. Mention of a company affiliation or specific product brand repeatedly throughout your presentation will be considered unacceptable promotion.
  6. When discussing specific products, instructors should reference the products in a generic sense versus by a proprietary name.
  7. The only exception to this commercialization policy would be for presentations categorized as: Product Practicum, Product Case Study, or Vendor Showcase.

Part Two: Professional Opinions/Disparaging Remarks

  1. Presenters shall endeavor to extend public knowledge and appreciation of the technology, science, and practice of erosion and sedimentation control.
  2. Presenters shall not include any unsupported and/or exaggerated opinions regarding the erosion control industry, or any person, company, or product.
  3. Presenters shall not attempt to injure the reputation, business and/or employment status of any other individual, organization or agency.
  4. Presenters should focus on the benefits or advantages of practices or methods that they are advocating for and avoid directly disparaging competition during their presentation.
  5. Presenters shall strive to increase the competence and prestige of the profession. This includes engaging with other subject matter experts and specialists, when possible, in creating educational content.
If IECA is alerted of a violation of this policy, then an investigation will be conducted by IECA Director of Education & IECA Board of Directors Education Vice President. If the complaint is found to be valid, the instructor will be subject to the following actions: 
  1. A written Notice of Warning from IECA Director of Education.
  2. A repeat violation after the Notice of Warning will result in Expulsion of presenting at future IECA events.

To report a violation of the IECA Commercialization Policy, please email IECA Education at with the event, presentation, presenter, and reason for complaint.

Developed by: J. Fetherolf, W. Zech, J Koepke - 30 June 2021
Board Approval 30 June 2021

Modified By: J. Fetherolf, A. Macleod, & J. Burkey 12 01 23
Board Approval: 12 18 23