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Patrick J. Higgins, RLA 

Member of IECA since 2000

Tom Freeman, CPESC, RLA 

Member of IECA since 1992

IECA spoke to members Patrick J. Higgins, RLA, and Tom Freeman, CPESC, about the value of IECA membership in their respective roles as Director of Permitting at Logan Simpson Design, Inc. and President of CDF Landscape Professionals, Inc.

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What do you think is the best membership benefit IECA offers to landscape architects?

Patrick Higgins: The opportunity to interact with other professionals and the free webinar per year. I have been a Director of the Western Chapter for the past 2 years and have benefited by the interaction with fellow Directors and members. Also, the webinars are a great resource to improve techniques.
Tom Freeman: Interaction with other professionals who may, and often do, have a different take on issues than landscape architects. Gaining an understanding of the International issues, and lessons that smaller communities and designers face as well as the trends within the erosion and sediment control community sees.

How do you apply this benefit to your work?

Patrick Higgins: IECA members provide different points of view because they represent different interests. They each bring ideas and issues to the table that would have never occurred to me, but increase my knowledge and understanding of the erosion and sediment control field.
Tom Freeman: Lessons leaned by others often helps to prevent ones own costly lesson.

IECA membership costs less than $15/ mo. How has IECA membership earned its keep?

Patrick Higgins: The educational value of the newsletters, webinars, conferences and discussions with members provide a value that greatly exceeds what membership costs.
Tom Freeman: Yes, because of the interaction, training, new material options, and affirmation of old ways this organization affords its membership.

Would you recommend membership to one of your peers?

Patrick Higgins: I have recommended membership to colleagues. IECA membership is a great item to include on your resume. It sets you apart from many others and shows your future clients that you are committed to the success of your profession.
Tom Freeman: Yes, see above for all the reasons why.

Have you had an experience with IECA that has made you think, "This is why I joined IECA"?

Tom Freeman: At a past annual conference, I had the pleasure to sit with a man from Italy and we talked about stabilizing steep slopes. It was a great conversation. The friendly staff that makes IECA tick, the true care takers of the organization and our industry, makes me proud that I am a member, and for a very long time. It has given back more than I have put in.

Top benefits for landscape architects:

  • Discounts on educational events and products to help you maintain certifications
  • Connections to other professionals through IECA's listserve
  • Access to members-only website with thousands of archived articles
  • One free IECA webinar per year
  • IECA member logo for promotional use
  • Membership in your local Chapter

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IECA is the foremost organization for those involved in or concerned about soil erosion control. Membership (in IECA) tells others you take erosion control seriously and you want to help make a difference.

Scott Velting, CPESC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA