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Tom Williams, MA, CPESC

Member of IECA since 1996

 IECA spoke to member Tom Williams, MA, CPESC, about the value of IECA membership in his role as Vice President of Environmental Affairs at MIDWAY GOLD U.S. Inc.

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What do you think is the best membership benefit IECA offers to professionals in the mining industry?

I'd say the best benefits are the one free webinar per year and the online career center. The main thing mining people want is courses on revegetation, if they include revegetation for erosion control and BMPs. Mining companies are really struggling right now to find well-trained employees, so anything that would help them find and hire qualified employees in about all of the sciences and engineering fields would be really helpful right now.

How do you apply this benefit to your work?

By learning how stabilize very large areas from erosion (reveg) and learning about any new BMPs or products. And by finding qualified people to hire.

Would you recommend membership to one of your peers?

Yes, because we are focusing on the right things in the future.

Top benefits for mining professionals:

  • One free IECA webinar per year
  • Discounts on listings on IECA's career center
  • Connections to other professionals through IECA's 
  • IECA member logo for promotional use
  • Membership in your local Chapter

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IECA is the foremost organization for those involved in or concerned about soil erosion control. Membership (in IECA) tells others you take erosion control seriously and you want to help make a difference.

Scott Velting, CPESC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA